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Oporto – How How (Live at Putzenstein)

Influenced by songs like Dale Hawkins Suzie Q or Howlin‘ Wolfs Smokestack Lightning, which manage to hypnotize the listener with hardly more than one chord, the distinctive guitar picking riff of „How How“ was created first. Based on this, a song was to be created that makes the hairs on your neck stand up and at the same time doesn’t let your feet stand still. In the lyrics, the line between life and death blurs and the poisoned man gasps for air one last time.

The video shoot was all about capturing the band sound as we sound live. For this, we found a secluded barn in the boondocks, where Oporto could let their tube amps roar and strings swing.

„How How“ will appear on the album „Lowlifes“, where the band Oporto hits a rock’n’roll-esque, raw and bluesy tone that you have to look for these days.

The song will be released as studio track on the forthcoming album called „Lowlifes“ (release 2021)

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Directed and Produced by Julius Benedict Sidon
Assistant Director/Producer: Martin Ulmer
Camera: Julius Benedict Sidon, Jannik Abelt, David Kasperowski
Assistant Camera: Martin Ulmer, William Vazquez Zaunseder
Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering: Daniel Schobert (kraken.audio)
Video Editing: Julius Benedict Sidon
Color Grading: Julia Isabel Leber
Make-Up: Alicia Diez
Set Assistance: Alicia Diez
Set-Runner: Wieland Weggel